The sweeping shapes of sugary surprises, and pastel hues in the spring inform all that Easter is on its way. Inspired by the customary holiday confection, cocoa, The Wardroom in Easton, Maryland, is presenting a tasty tapestry of specialty chocolates from world famous chocolatiers - a rare find in the Mid-Atlantic. 

The newest revival of the legendary techniques in chocolate making bars, bonbons, and clusters –chocolatier, Thierry Atlan, has perfected the complex process with over 30 years-experience and is a master of the craft. Thierry Atlan, the only Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier given this distinction in the United States, continues to make chocolates of noble standard. The perfect balance between taste and texture with each ingredient, meticulously chosen, creates an exceptional combination of flavors. Peering into the jewel box glass case, an array of gold stamped boxes filled with an assortment of delectable sweets,  provides the ultimate pleasure to chocolate lovers of all ages. The inviting collection of colorful domes in five delicate flavors encourages one to rediscover caramel. From dark chocolate to white chocolate, the traditional method of enjoying a simply exquisite caramel is elevated with the zest of fruits such as lime and passion fruit.  
A perfect surprise for children’s Easter baskets is the whimsical chocolate bars studded with M&M’s or opt for the fun-sized ‘mini’ white chocolate bars. Don’t forget the adults who have been up all morning, putting out Easter eggs, in secret places to have their share of the fun with cocoa powdered espresso beans for a boost of energy!
A refreshing new idea for any Easter celebration is the handcrafted macarons that have gained much notoriety for their delicate composition and premium tastes. At Thierry Atlan, their own almond flour, made daily, maintains a high standard of quality in their macarons.  One can mix and match flavors, including Champagne, Double Chocolate, Lemon, Pistachio, and Nutella.
“The emotions brought by each piece are an important aspect of my chocolate confections,” said sweetly by Thierry Atlan.
The cultish collection of Maison du Chocolat is dedicated to the purest of chocolates, under the current company’s creative director, Nicolas Cloiseau, who is ingeniously mastering the nuances of blending the finest cocoas to present a balance of sensory characteristics. It is the consistency of precise ingredients that marks a Maison chocolate. The innovation to the permanent collection transforms the chocolate tasting experience with strong notes of complexity, power, intensity, and freshness.  

The true envy of all outside of Easton are the vibrant offerings from Maison du Chocolat, with their seasonal packaging in hues of various pinks, reds, and oranges for Easter. The aethereal sensation of the aromatic smells one endures when handed the assorted box of chocolate truffles, prepares for the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth experience that follows. A milk chocolate filling showcases the use of the finest coco beans transformed into a velvety ganache. The house taste truly comes alive in the signature chocolatey brown boxes displayed in a mosaic of both milk and dark varieties. Filled with a whipped hazelnut and praline ganache, the taste and texture are so pronounced that it sets these chocolates apart from all others. Maison du Chocolat takes a real stance in the world of chocolate. 

Explore The Wardroom’s abundant selection of sweet treats, this Easter weekend or for any holiday or occasion. While you’re at it, grab a bottle of wine from our marketplace – our team is happy to suggest a pairing.